Kate and Nicola Muddy Walk
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Kate is back at one of her favourite mud holes, but this time she has bought her friend Nicola. This is Nicolas first time ever in any mud never mind mud half way up her thigh. Kate is in her hunter wellies with jeans, blouse and hoody and Nicola has bought a brand new pair of Hunter wellies in bright pink (they don't stay pink for long).

They start their adventure at the top of the stream where the mud encases their wellies to near to the tops of the shafts, as they wander about the mud get a little deeper, then Kate leads the way down stream through the reads and the muddy water as Nicola fights the undergrowth. After a while they get out of the stream and walk down the bank to the next mud pool. This is when things get a bit deeper Nicola starts the laugh with nerves as she ends up in mud that goes over her knees and really gives her brand new hunters and start in life. Kate and Nicola really have to struggle to get out of this pool. then Kate goes back in on her own to show Nicola how to do it, then a short while later Nicola goes for it on her own, getting stuck again and getting her bum muddy.

The girls decide to go back to the first mud pit they were in and have a bit more fun, and they don't disappoint struggling round in the mud falling over laying down in the mud and getting their jumpers muddy, Kate has a little problem that she does announce to the world as well.

technical due to this being filmed in February there is a lot of wind noise
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