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Jenni in Jodhpurs
Added 12/30/15    1888 views

Jenni goes for a run though a pond she goes through the smelly water giving a small commentary as she goes, the water goes up above her knees over the tops of her rubber riding boots. Jennie is wearing a brown tee shirt, cream jodhpurs and black nee...
Jennie's First Gunge
Added 7/6/10    6627 views

Jenni Covers herself in food and gunge, even filling her wellies with food. Her crisp white blouse gradually gets more and more rice pudding, soup, and porridge. Her pencil skirt also gets some as well and she finishes off in the only way you can...
Paiges First Time in Mud
Added 10/26/17    1138 views

123.67 MB
Paige is not afraid of getting muddy. This is the first time that Paige has ever been in  mud, She has gone for a walk on her lunch break dressed in her pink suit and green wellies, but that doesn't stop her jumping straight in up to her knees. As i...
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Anne Katie and Becky Play in the Woods
Added 7/23/15    2620 views

The women go for a walk in the woods and play in the bog. During their adventure Katie and Anne get stuck in the mud up to their knees loosing their Wellies. At the end they go for a walk down the river as well. All the women are wearing Wellies a...
Sarah's First Time in Mud
Added 1/2/16    2008 views

This is Sarahs first time ever in wellies and in deep mud. she starts off in her street clothes of red sweat top and track bottoms asking for advice on how to god through the mud that comes up to near the top of her wellies. She then changes into a...
Beaus First Gunge
Added 11/3/17    1270 views

156.34 MB
Beaus first gunging. she has never been gunged before but is ready for what we can give her. The card she draws decides where the gunge goes either over the head or in the wellies. as you can imagine with a shoot from its messy a...
Raven and Jess in Overalls and Wellies
Added 8/13/16    1235 views

Jess and raven playing in the mud in their overalls and wellies. jess is very carful in how she walks in the mud but Raven just gets in and goes for it nearly filling her wellies. Hear their laughing as the play.
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Kates Very Muddy Walk
Added 6/30/17    1882 views

54.85 MB
Kate loves get muddy, and this time is no exception. Kate has gone into the local woods to have a play in the mud. she has just come form the stables and is wearing her new yellow jodhpurs checked shirtband hunter wellies. as she starts she finds a...

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